Mahaffey Orthotics & Prosthetics was founded in 1997 and is locally owned and operated by Cliff Mahaffey, LPO, CPO, BOC OP. His experience in the field of orthotics and prosthetics spans over 29 years. He is certified in both disciplines by the American Board of Certification (ABC) and the Board of Orthotics and Prosthetic Certification (BOC) and holds a Texas state license. He established Mahaffey Orthotics & Prosthetics to provide a more personal level of patient care for the community. He is joined by S.L. Jordan, LPO, CPO, BOC OP- who brings over 30 years experience, as well as Jeff Coleman, LOPA- who brings a fresh approach with 5 years experience. Cliff and his staff at Mahaffey Orthotics & Prosthetics are dedicated to providing the highest quality in patient care and service while staying competitive and educated in the latest technologies and materials available. Our goal is to serve a need in the community with the utmost compassion and the highest quality patient care possible using the latest advances in technology.

 What We Do

  At Mahaffey Orthotics & Prosthetics, the services we
  provide are from start to finish. We take pride in
  offering ongoing treatment and information to our
  patients that help them live life to the fullest!
  We treat many types of people with the need for
  Orthoses and/or Prostheses.

 Who We Are

  Certified orthotists and prosthetists are health care
  professionals who are specifically educated and
  trained to manage comprehensive orthotic and/or
  prosthetic patient care. This includes patient
  assessment, formulation of a treatment plan,
  implementation of the treatment plan,
  follow-up and practice management.

 What To Expect

  At Mahaffey our commitment to the patient does
  not end when we deliver a brace or artificial leg, nor
  does it begin with the first patient visit. We are
  dedicated to facilitating every aspect of the
  patient encounter, from the first telephone call
  to the completion of the treatment program.


Orthotic Services

• Cranial remolding/Plagiocephaly treatment
• Custom spinal (Scoliosis) orthosis
• Upper extremity splints & braces
• Lower extremity orthotics & braces
• Pediatric solutions
• Stance control orthotics
• WalkAide
• Fracture Bracing
• Scoliosis Bracing
• Spinal Immobilization
• Custom molded orthopedic inserts

Prosthetic Services

• Above and below knee prosthesis
• Upper extremity Prosthetics- Cosmetic and Functional
• Microprosser knees
• Vacuum Suction Socket
• Pediatric solutions
• Shower & Sports prosthesis